How to use an elastic string with moisture chamber glasses

Ask the optician who will make your custom moisture chamber glasses or from whom you plan to order PanOptx goggles to attach small hooks to the outside end of each side stem of the glasses or goggles. Once the hooks are attached, here is what to do:

  1. At a fabric store, buy elastic string (such as StretchRite Beading Cord Elastic), cut a piece the appropriate length to stretch behind your head from one stem to the other, and then tie a small loop at the each end of the string.
  2. Adjust the length so that the string pulls the glasses gently towards your face. This ensures that minimal air can reach your eyes. If you use saline solution or the artificial tear method for defogging your lenses (see How to prevent lens fogging), using the string also helps keep the saline solution or artificial tears on the inner surface of the lens from evaporating.